Photography & Dronography from the Isle of Wight and beyond

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Why WightStuff ?

WightStuff is more than just a single person, it’s about all the things that I love in my life, whether that’s my lovely wife, my photography and dronography, creating video content, spending time out on the water, or simply enjoying life. 

The Wight is simple… It’s my home Island. The place where I was born, the place where I have spent most of my life, and no doubt the place that I will eventually lay in rest after my death. The Isle of Wight is a magical place, somehow managing to stay lost in time, and yet full of wonders whether you are young or old.

For most people around my age, real content from the earlier years of our youth tends to be quite sparse with no video cameras, no smart phones and limited access to photography equipment. The “Stuff” is my attempt to keep a better record of the things I encounter in my life that bring me joy, wonder or just to create and share great moments.

Sometimes you need to get up early to get the shots you want 🙂